sick of hipsters

by James Wood

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An EP recorded/produced between 2011/12. Featuring songs about hipsters and songs that probably in some way define me as a hipster.


released December 15, 2012

All album artwork is stolen from the internet. If you are the owner of any image and would like it to be taken down, just mail me (, or fax, or whatever, and I will gladly oblige.

Don't eat Nestle!




James Wood Huddersfield, UK

no hipsters no fascists no bullshit no not here not on my parade I just want to know why there ain't no songs about boys names. just football and freedom for palestine and jazz cause everybody's welcome to sit on the step outside in the garden with a cup of tea and half a fag and chat about the universe and this and that.
A Love Supreme. Don't eat Nestle. A message to the world and the haterz.
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Track Name: What Wouldn't Bird Do? (WWBD extended mix)
What Would Bird Do?

A way of dealing with illegitimate concern,
A question, once asked, that yields little
Except a yearning for times past.

Jazz, up in the Summertime, when the living was easy.
Problems dismissed like the chords on Bird's solos.
Devil May Care,
Dewey Square,
An Exclamation,

Yet the question still remains.
Nothing's going your way.
No, I don't wanna get high today.
Now isn't the time for John Coltrane or Lady Day.

Now's the time. Now's the time.
A Bird awaits.

Raindrops fall.
April, in Paris, in May.
A bench, a park.
Sat down, the President and Lady Day.
A Nightingale singing in the dark,
Weaving through the rhythm, a whistle and a spark.
Is that not Bird?
Unmistakeable to have heard.
A light relief, the answer to the question.

What Would Bird do?

No doubt play, and eat and smoke.
But waiting in the raindrop park
The Be-bop bird is alive,
A lark.
Or a dove or swan.
Either way the answer's not done.

What Would Bird do?

Bird lives it's true,
But I'm not yet through.
The scales are blue,
Billie's here,
I'm still you.