Not Listening

by James Wood

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Songs about politics, Palestine, middle-distance runners, unnecessary signage, loveable newsreaders and my failed attempt to live up to my hero, Eric Dolphy.


released June 1, 2014

Recorded at the Dairy in Brixton without anyone knowing and at home.

Don't eat Nestle!




James Wood Huddersfield, UK

no hipsters no fascists no bullshit no not here not on my parade I just want to know why there ain't no songs about boys names. just football and freedom for palestine and jazz cause everybody's welcome to sit on the step outside in the garden with a cup of tea and half a fag and chat about the universe and this and that.
A Love Supreme. Don't eat Nestle. A message to the world and the haterz.
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Track Name: Welsh Optimism
I couldn't help but look at the sky
Bluer than Hugh Edwards's eyes
Yeah, maybe for the first time in our lives
There won't be any bad news on telly tonight.
Track Name: A Load of BDS
Yeah well f**k Veolia and f***k G4S
Why don't you tell them where the prisoners are kept?

Stay out of my country
I don't want you people going through my rubbish
I don't want to see you on my roads
Imma build a wall in my back garden so I don't have to look at you
Track Name: Fairuz
I love her and I never met her, but her voice I live with and I can not
hide from.
She sings and I can't help but smile. She makes me happy.
And then she sings and I can't help but cry.
She makes me sad. She captures my free flying soul and fills it
with feelings I've never known.
She will always be unrivaled for me.

When I listen to her sing, her voice penetrates my body and it fills me
with this strange chill.
I love her to the extent that I wish I was born in the 30's to have
grown with her songs;
to the extent that if this time of ours was to be set hundreds
of years ago,
I'd travel through the days and the nights to reach where she is and
live there for the rest of my life.

I listen to her sing about this place that I've never been to but to which
I feel I belong.
Out of time and out of place, in a past that's so far but still so close.
She is singing and I am there with her, sitting right there on the roof of
the house watching her awaiting the moon to descend from the sky.

I am there with her fetching for the loved ones who left their village and
went away beyond that faraway mountain.
I listen to what the doors are saying and to what the
birds are praying for.
I see the falling petals and I feel the empty hollowed tables.

I am there, walking with her in the dying roads of Jerusalem.
I am standing on the hills of El-Janoub.
I am beholding the blood flooding down the hill of the martyrs.
I hear the cries and the sighs of agonizing souls who got ripped off their
lives, their homes, their sun and their moon.

No matter how divided we have become, or how old we have grown outside our bodies and our homes,
it only takes one song to listen to, before we regain our powers and forever get full of pride.

The love I have for her is not that of an admirer nor that of a son, a husband or a worshipper.
It's a strange love which I can not explain or define
for these could not be the only kinds of love.
Track Name: 'An Anecdote'
My best mate played bass in a band with Johnny Marr's son.
Doesn't mean she was any good mind, or even that she had fun.
It was more a case of looking the part, being told what to do by a spoilt sod for the sake of art.

Still, it's a story to tell, something to break the ice.
And if I'd have had any advice, I'd have let the whole thing die down,
And wait for Johnny Marr's son's dad to give her a call.
Track Name: Wine
Thanks for saving the best wine for me
But I'm finding it quite hard to breathe
And if it was only me you had to please
I might still find you good company.

And I know you've got work at 8
And you don't always like staying out too late
But it's not really a case of just letting you wait
Till you find out this is your biggest mistake.

There's always someone round the corner.
Some poor bastard you know who would adore ya
And while you pick who you please
I think I'm gonna leave.
Track Name: Please Do Not Place Glasses Or Cups On The Piano
Please do not place glasses or cups on the piano
Please do not place glasses or cups on the piano
Please do not place glasses or cups on the piano
Please do not place glasses or cups on the piano