Serenade EP

by James Wood

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A collection of sketches created over the past two years, 'Serenade EP' is a 9 track album of percussive grooves and ambient soundcapes, with the odd horn solo thrown in for good measure.


released July 11, 2011

Thanks to Jack Rouse and Luther Williams for providing vocals

Don't eat Nestle!




James Wood Huddersfield, UK

no hipsters no fascists no bullshit no not here not on my parade I just want to know why there ain't no songs about boys names. just football and freedom for palestine and jazz cause everybody's welcome to sit on the step outside in the garden with a cup of tea and half a fag and chat about the universe and this and that.
A Love Supreme. Don't eat Nestle. A message to the world and the haterz.
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Track Name: Tupac's Tomorrow (Feat. Luther Williams)
Today is filled with anger
Fuelled with hidden hate
Scared of being outcast
Afraid of common fate

Today is built on tragedies
Which no one wants to face
Nightmares to humanities
And morally disgraced

Tonight is filled with rage
Violence in the air
Children bred with ruthlessness
Because no one at home cares

Tonight I lay my head down
But the pressure never stops
Knawing at my sanity
Content when I am dropped

But tomorrow I see change
A chance to build anew
Built on spirit intent of heart
And ideals based on truth

And tomorrow I wake with second wind
And strong because of pride
To know I fought with all my heart
To keep my dream alive
Track Name: Dr Slice (Feat. Jack Rouse)
They call me Dr Slice
I like chopping people up
I dont know why,
Its how
I grew up

I came from a council house, but I didn't really know
That my Mum was an alcoholic
That's bad.
I know.

I'm an alcoholic too I love my Bailey's

I don't know what I'm doing
I need help
I'm so bad

I didn't really know what to do
I went down to, erm, Post Office

At the Post Office
I got myself some letters
Well, some envelopes not letters because you can't get letters from the Post Office.
You can.

I wrote a letter to erm,
To Santa
To help me
Somebody help me

I'm feeling
Bad in general
I've got no qualifications
I'm on the dole
It doesn't help
Track Name: For Your Health & Safety Please Keep Off The Stage
Just don't get on the stage, okay?
Track Name: Serenade (AYEESH)
I stood below your windowpane
With my guitar
Open chords
Open heart
Track Name: A Sad Waltz (Bonus Track)
To dance alone tonight.
It was as if the darkness crept in spite -
Inspite of all the woodlands gave
to be here, at midnight, an open grave

And so alone we waltzed.
In spirit to Vienna - at least
It wasn't hard to attempt such feats
To greet the sky with open arms
I danced beneath the moonlight, false

Facade and all within,
The night could last, until that 'fin'
To dance alone tonight.
A sad waltz, beneath the light.